Михаил Приоров. Графика. Mikhail Priorov. Drawings

Работы находятся в галерее "Вертъ", куратор Ольга Ермакова.тел.мастерской 8(903)678-14-88

Born in Yaroslavl in 1959, Mikhail Priorov studied at the Art School from 1973 to 1977 and graduated from Moscow Art College in 1982. He pursued his artistic training at the famous Stroganoff Art University, graduating in 1987 when he began to work at the Zagorsk Artistic Fund. That same year Mikhail joined the International Federation of Artists. Since 1981 Priorov has participated in numerous local, national and international exhibitions. Solo exhibitions include ACTION, Moscow in 1998 ; Moscow Artists on TV, also in 1998 ; Noise Club in 1997, as well as RT Gallery for the Arts and the Winter Nights Festival. In 1996 he showed at the Russian Division of Culture; in 1995 at Chaffee Center, Vermont, USA; and in 1993 at Chasse Loup-Laubat 17, Paris. In 1987 he began combining painting with tapestry design and mural work.

A considerable part of his work is devoted to musical cycles, totaling thousands of pieces no two of which can be called identical. No matter how many times the artist returns to the chosen theme, he never fails to be innovative, conveying endless compositional variations. Strong attachment to his national heritage and traditional Russian icon painting greatly influence his work. In his vision, these things are not only relics of, but a part of, the living present. Old and modern are inseparable - the past entering and living in the present as its primal element.

Having spent his childhood in Yaroslavl, an ancient Russian town lying at the confluence of the Volga and the Kotorosl rivers, the contrasting hues of the picturesque town, the bustle of the port, the fairs, the festivals were the source of unforgettable childhood impressions that lay the foundation for his love of "the living past". Many years would pass, however, before these influences surfaced in the artist''''s work.

Mikhail Priorov is an artist with a broad range of interests. He is well-versed in music and poetry as well as painting. He plays saxophone in a jazz-group and, in his work, often uses musical and poetic imagery.

Окончил Московское художественное училище Памяти 1905 года в 1982 году. Окончил Строгановское училище (МВХПУ) в 1987 г.

Работал в области живописи, художественного проектирования объектов среды и интерьеров (1987-1994, мастерские Союза художников РСФСР; член Международной федерации художников с 1987 г).

Картины Михаила Приорова экспонировались на групповых и персональных выставках в России и за рубежом, включая Чаффи-Центр (США) , Ярославский Государственный художественный музей, ЦДХ (Москва), Международную Федерацию художников (Москва), Шасселу-Лоба 17 (Париж) и др. Работы находятся в частных коллекциях Франции, США, Голландии и других стран.

Михаил Приоров описывает свой творческий процесс как аналогию джазовой импровизации: «Мелодии, синкопы, драйв и ритмы, которые я слышу, создают настроение, отражающееся в линиях, пятнах, цвете, композиции». Обычно работы М. Приорова выполнены в масляной технике, реже это – темпера или акрил на холсте.

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